Uventis Bioscience provides advanced process equipment, and professional services to the Lifesciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Food, Beverages, Cosmetics and Chemical Industries.

Uventis Bioscience is located in Pune, India and supplies its products and services to the Indian and neighbouring markets.

The Company was established in 2001.

We are in the following domains

1. Sterile Liquid Handling

We build the presence of Rutten Engineering, a Tagelswangen, Switzerland based company. Rutten Engineering designs and manufactures state of the art vessels and agitators for processing, storing and transporting sterile liquids.

2. Dry Granulation

Uventis Bioscience builds the presence of Gerteis Maschinen + Process Engineering, a Jona, Switzerland based Company. Gerteis with their Pactor® range are the No1 dry granulation equipment manufacturers in the world today. Providing cutting edge solutions to major pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemicals, food processing companies all over the world.

3. Powder Conveying using Vacuum

We represent Piab, a Sweden based company with their innovative vacuum systems that can convey powder, vacuum being generated using compressed air.

Our Knowledge Areas

Our knowledge areas are sterile liquid processing, low vortex agitation, sterile containment.

Dry granulation using roll/roller compaction of potent API’s, generics, oncology Products, hormones and steroids, solid dosage forms, production under high levels of containment, hygroscopic complex substances, pharmaceutical formulations, Nutraceuticals, and Vitamin based supplements.

Powder Conveying using vacuum for conveying, transporting, bagfilling and dosing Of powders, pharmaceuticals, capsules, chemicals, formulations.

We are working to bring to our customers the most advanced technologies available globally , to make our customers more competitive, to help reduce lead times from product to market at lowest possible costs and highet Return on Investments.

Our Values :

To conduct our business with ethics, honesty and integrity.