Gerteis is a Jona, Switzerland based manufacturer of Roller Compactors. Gerteis Machines have set the the standards in Dry Granulation Technology.
There is an increased global interest in roll compaction due its ability to deliver viable solutions at low costs in short times.
Thanks to Gerteis, several companies have opted for roll compaction over other forms of granulation.This is because only Gerteis Machines have been able to overcome the historical problems associated with roll compaction, eg. Low melting or poorly flowable products.


Due to their patented feeding and roller combination. Gerteis Pactors deliver amazing benefits to the customers, Reducing lead times and delivering consistent performance.

• A unique feed system with angled rollers to ensure flowability of materials that have very poor flowability.
• Excellent control over granulation parameters, so consistent Product quality
• Large roll diameters that increase dwell times of products in the Nip area.
• Lower heat build up and uncompacted fines.
• Superior granulator with large surfacearea, gently reduces particle Instead of crushing.
• Formulation support from the Gerteis Pharmaceutical Technology team.

As of today, Gerteis is the only company in the world that can allow more Formulations to be dry granulated than any other roll compactor.