1. Capacity : 100g Trial purposes to 400kg/hr
  2. Containment :  Standard 3ug/m3 weighted average
  3. Roll Speed : 1-30rpm
  4. Press Force : 1-20KN/cm
  5. Gap : 1-6mm
  6. Weight : 1700kg


  1. WIP/CIP
  2. Increased Containment levels
  3. Roller Cooling/Granulator Cooling
  4. Several different wall mounted


  1. Several different products need to be developed quickly.
  2. Very poorly flowable product.
  3. Large volume production
  4. Products with demanding physical characteristics
  5. Feasibility studies
  6. Heat sensitive products
  7. Products that tend to develop undesirable colour
  8. Biopharmaceuticals


  1. Unique patented feedsystem with rollers, that can handle very
  2. wide range of products.
  3. Very close control over granulation parameters allowing a tight process control and uniform product character.
  4. Long dwell times due to large rollers, hence lower heat build up.
  5. Low fines generation
  6. Powerful data acquisition, making development work and records reliable.